Monday, 22 February 2010

✴ rainy day indoors

This morning is a typical monday morning that puts most people in the glums.
 Dark, grey, raining, cold, gloomy, etc, etc....
I, on the other hand, am secretly thrilled! After four days of baby play, parties, coffee mornings and so on, it's lovely to have a reason to stay in.
I'm easily swayed when it comes to the weather. 
'Oh, it's slightly drizzling....Hhmm, yep, better stay in..'
As long as I have nowhere I have to be, food in the fridge and plenty of milk for the mass of tea drinking which is inevitable with a rainy day indoors, then, all is good.
Of course, the reason I love staying in is that I can indulge in crafty pursuits while watching the baby play.
Anything that can be stitched or crocheted in a standing position or while chasing a crawling child and shouting out ' No, don't touch that' is a good way to spend a rainy day indoors!
Better go put the kettle on, again...


  1. I have the opposite here in my part of Scotland, the sun is shining bright. It's cold and frosty but lovely and I have no reason to leave the house(boys have been walked to school and can make their own way home) so here I stay. I admit that I do like at least one day per school holiday to be a horror weather-wise so we can all stay in and enjoy housey things.
    I am intrigued - whit ye makin'?

  2. Ohhh what are you making??? looks lovely