Sunday, 7 February 2010

✴ a gift

Aunty Lulu has started her new course in London, so we get to see her a couple of days a week, hooray!
The first visit, she arrived with a gift for the new one year old. A beautiful origami Kusadama Ball. Just like this one she gave to me on the eve of my wedding. A good luck charm and so pretty to boot.
Pretty origami petals carefully folded and put together to form flowers which are then put together with other flowers to form a ball. Very clever. So delicate and intricate and such patience the paper folding expert has.
It's a gift, this paper floristry. The beautiful thing is that they last forever. With love and careful handling. And absolutely NO water required!
Paper Gifts {cut::folded::painted::loved}
My wedding invitations.
{Snowberries & Winter Anemones}
Ella's 1st Birthday Card
Mexican style flowers

{ * Images and all work Lucy Bates}


  1. The oragami flower ball is simply stunning. Have you ever had a go making one yourself?

  2. I really love that oragami flower ball! Do you know where I could learn to make one or buy one? Nic

  3. Well at least you can make cranes...I cant even do those, or more accurately I haven't tried, should put oragami on my to-do list

  4. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and for buying one of my brooches at finders keepers, so cool to meet you online and to check out your fabulous blog!!!