Thursday, 4 February 2010

✴ my creative space

crochet, laundry, wool, winter walks, chasing naughty cats, 
fabric folding, baking a surprisingly good cake, letter writing, 
afternoon tea + chitchat, almost finishing a book, day dreaming, 
granny square counting, tidying toys - again, drizzly rain, 
library books, baby hugs + bites (not kisses!), giddy gossiping, 
not enough hours spent - sleeping! 

21 today!
{ahem... should point that's not me.....21 granny squares, so far!
A fair few still left to do...!}


  1. Happy 21st crocheted square!! Lovely things happening in your neck of the woods. Love Posie

  2. gorgeous pics Sarah!
    now, do you want to pop round a teach me to granny?!! :)

  3. Well done on 21 squares, sounds like you had a packed day. Chasing naughty cats sounds like fun :)

  4. love the photos. Congrats on your 21... you might be up to 22 today! Love your little strong of words- that's what I call a "creative space".

    xo m.

  5. Happy 21st! These pictures are the most stunning I've seen in a while. Well done you.

  6. You can certainly fit a lot into that creative space of yours!! Aren't granny squares relaxing?
    Just wanted to visit and say "thanks" for your comment on my blog.
    See you next week!

  7. Thanks so much for visiting me! I absolutely love your photographs - and the granny squares too, of course! :)

  8. Happy 21st. They are looking lovely.