Sunday, 24 January 2010

✴ some kinda one-derful

Last weekend was all about the number one. In this new decade which the powers that be ( whoever they may be) have named the 'one-ders' (!?) my little Ella reached that most important of milestone birthdays.....The very first!
Just like the Queen she celebrated it twice. Oh, get her!

She had a party on her actual birthday for her fellow one-ders and then a second at the weekend for family and close friends. Needless to say there was much baking and culinary creativeness for both!
We had sugar-free birthday buns for the baba's and sugar full birthday cake for the mama's (and papa's) and colourful cupcakes and sweet treats to thrill!

In a desperate bid to alleviate that gloom and doom of 'post christmas decoration pulling down syndrome' of which I suffer badly from each and every year, we had birthday paper chains, balloons, fairy lights and baby food jars (saved last year for some impromptu jamming sessions) filled with a selection of pink flowers and tied with pink ribbons...So pretty!
Much fun was had by all. Especially by a new one year old.

Happy Birthday little one.


  1. Beautifully written & love the term one-ders, too sweet. Love that time when they are still so little. My favourite ages were 10-20 months, so much happening. Now they are in school i miss them, well next week they go back. Love Posie

  2. aww, sounds like your little one-der had a good birthday celebration.
    happy birthday Ella