Tuesday, 12 January 2010

✴ hello holly!

Look who has arrived in the mail all the way from Australia. It's Holly the Cardi Bunny who I was lucky enough to win in Beck's giveaway on her fab blog Dandelion .
Ella was most excited as we opened the package and the hidden treasures of dried lavender and an 'S' vintage style scrabble piece was such a lovely surprise.
Isn't she lovely. I think she is a little bewildered at the snow as I expect she has never seen it before and it was very hot where she came from!
Ella bestowed her with many loving squeezes and cuddles but fearful of drenching poor Holly with too much dribble on her very first day in Blighty I have put her amongst the other cuddlies in Ella's room with a good view of the slightly melted and crunchy snowy Surrey landscape.


  1. How lovely, Beck is ace too!! What a delightful surprise & to know it will be so well loved!! Hope you're not too snowed under, it's 40C+ here in Canberra Australia, phew, melting . . . love Posie

  2. Hi Sarah, please can you bring Holly (and Ella, of course) when you come for cream cakes and tea, she is so bonny!
    Ali X
    p.s so glad I don't have to share Mr Warner. If only I was so lucky to have him all to myself......

  3. Hi,
    Love your Dolly! your pictures are beautiful; thank you for dropping in.

  4. Happy for you. Beck makes the loveliest things. Thanks for visiting me, too! Im now the proud owner of a follow button