Monday, 25 January 2010

✴ not exactly Robbie Burns...

 You canna shove your granny off the bus
You canna shove your granny off the bus
You canna shove your granny,
Because she's your mammies mammy
You canna shove your granny off the bus!

But you can make a lovely blanket!
Taking part in Pip's A Granny A Day challenge! 11 Squares so far. It's such good fun.

Happy Burns Night!


  1. Fabby! My boys still learn this song in school. Love it!! Granny squares too!! Haggis tonight?
    Ali X

  2. Hello fellow Surrey'er.
    Just learning crochet??...looks like you are well on your way to being a pro. I picked up a hook for the first time in October and addicted now.

  3. Happy crocheting, fun colours will make a fabulous blanket. Is that your aim?? Love Posie

  4. Delighted to hear from a fellow costumer! I'm just trying to figure out a job, since I graduate in May. Whereabouts have you worked?

    I can't wait for my finger to heal so I can jump back into Granny A Day!