Friday, 8 January 2010

✴ peepo

The past few days have been a breath taking cold white blanket of beauty and a reminder of Christmases past, of sleighing, snowball fights and building the best snowman.

Looking through the bedroom shutters in the morning, it's the sort of day where hopping back under the duvet and watching a good film with a large mug of tea, a couple of chocolate biscuits and cuddling a hot water bottle while wearing thick woolly socks and two pairs of pyjama's (darn those 1930's house draughts!) is by far the best way to spend the day and avoid those totally unprepared travel operators ( I mean, really? It's Britain not the Bahamas, is it that much of a shock??!) and slippy ungritted paths.

Alas though, it would seem an almost one year old has a whole other idea of how to spend the day.
However this does include endless chuckling games of peepo with a magician style shout out of 'Ta Da' at the reveal, and who would have thought it was Miss Ella hiding behind that mucky bib??
It is a good way to spend a day indoors if you ask me!

Ta Da!


  1. Oh you need to visit Australia, we're all sweltering here, like 35-40C every day!! Greetings from Canberra, how do you do?? My family lives in Surrey (my mother is from Tunbridge Wells Kent, but family all around Surrey). Beautiful area, all very lovely. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sending you some sunshine Sarah, love Posie

  2. Oh Sarah! I so wanted to join my husband in London (he's a Delta pilot) last week but your weather changed my mind!!! Dave said the wind was bitter! Spring is just around the corner...right?

  3. Sarah I would love some of your view!!!
    i am more of a winter girl than summer.