Wednesday, 6 January 2010

✴ until next time

Today is the last day of Christmas. The day when all of the decorations must be pulled down and packed away until next time.
It's always sad to think it's all over. That's it. Done and dusted. It never seems to last that long, after all that effort and preparation.
I read recently in a magazine somewhere, that Sophie Conran starts to prepare for Christmas in July! How bonkers is she? I thought. Now I'm thinking that isn't such a bonkers idea. Infact, now I'm thinking it's a pretty good idea actually. I always have great hopes for lots of festive making and baking and I always seem to run out of time or find myself hurriedly writing Christmas cards in the car/bath/dentist waiting room or am struggling to remember exactly how to fold the perfect origami crane at sometime past midnight!
So now we are left with slightly drab and bunting-free walls with the occasional small patch of plaster missing from too much tape...(ooops...who did that??!) and two confused pusscat's desperately searching for anything bauble/pine cone-like to kick around the floor and bury under the sofa.

I'm keeping the fairy lights up though, it doesn't say anything in the rules about having to take down fairy lights, I mean they're not just for Christmas, are they?

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