Tuesday, 26 January 2010

✴ while she sleeps...

Today is a good napping day. Probably due to the early wake up call, but Mr H dealt with that while I slowly buried myself under the duvet, joined by a naughty Olive.
The weekend cold is still here, numbing my senses and making the day too fuzzy to actually get on with anything productive and necessary, i.e housework. Bleaugh!
So it's a cup of hot water with lemon and honey - I always forget how good this is until the uninvited arrival of a cold prompts the making of this refreshing and 'a good way to start the day' (so we are often told) drink.

A bit of crochet, so relaxing to do. A perusal around blogland, so inspiring to do and a look at a few online shops, so expensive to do!

Reading Homeshoppingspy and there is a post about the V & A's upcoming quilt exhibition  which, totally being out of that 'gallery/shopping/lunch' way of life, had no idea was on so I'm quite excited about that and even more excited about the selection of limited edition fat quarters inspired by quilts in the exhibition. Such striking prints, and yet another incentive to get making that quilt this year!

'Rose' Limited Edition fabric. Image here 


  1. Hope you feel better soon!! I'd say rest but I remember with a one year old it isn't easy. I'm off to look at those fat quarters!
    Ali X

  2. Hi Sarah
    ooooooooooooooo how LOVELY to discover your blog, it's a true gem!!
    Beautiful photographs and I think a lot of shared passions (LOVED your Granny post down below therre, I really laughed!)...off to have a lookee through your archives.............

    great to "meet" you

  3. sending you hugs & cupcakes & hope you are better soon ♥