Saturday, 30 January 2010

✴ my place and yours :: shoes

Wedding shoes made by Emmy. White suede, soft, velvety...yum, now slightly grubby grey from so much dancing on a dusty oak dance floor. Silver leather trim with sparkly diamante  buckle. Handmade beaded decorative shoe clip, one later worn as a brooch but after too much wine at a party was lost on a drunken cab ride home....Sob!
I've been pondering for the last two years about whether to dye these shoes. But then I'll wear them all the time, they'll get battered and tatty. The heel will wear down to a metal point and that 1930's Hollywood style elegance will be lost, forever. But is it better to leave them hidden away, wrapped in tissue, inside a box, at the back of a wardrobe? Hhmmmm....
I'll never wear my Jenny Packham wedding dress again. I'll never wear any of the three headdresses I made and wore throughout the day and I'll definitely never wear the veil - it's all just a bit over the top for nipping out to m & s for a crusty baguette and a bag of satsumas.
But then I'll never get married again, so I guess the day was a bit of 'one time only' sort of day!

I'll never wear these things again, but I have a very strong feeling that in a few years time a little someone will love dressing up in these, marching around the house, playing here comes the bride....and that just won't be the same with black shoes, will it?

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  1. ohhh wow! absolutely stunning Sarah!
    it's a shame that wedding things are normally just that 'one' day thing, hope the little one gets to enjoy how pretty they are.

  2. They are just beautiful! Yes I agree, I think you should keep them just like that. Now I'm thinking the same, all the little marks have stories to tell. And they will be delightful for your girls to play in.
    Sophie x

  3. WOW they are the epitomy of would be sacrilege to dye them! btw i had a peek at your gorgeous headress and i can only imagine how stunning your wedding dress must be!

  4. Oh my! They are gorgeous shoes! Tres jealous! Definitely don't dye them, keep them in a box and hand them on to your daughter one day. Stunning!

  5. Wow & Oooooh & Ahhhh & More!

    Stunning shoes you have there, you must have looked a-maz-ing.

    They will be THE dress up shoes to end all dress up shoes!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week! :D

  6. Beautiful shoes, so pretty. Don't give up on your weddding dress, i did a post this month on my 3 daughters playing in my wedding dress in the school holidays. It was so much fun!! They all said they'd love to wear it when they get married, ahhhh, bless their underage fashion dreams. It is a pretty dress though. I still love it. I didn't do a veil & my headpiece was an Alice band of flower, very simple. Love Posie

  7. Don't touch them. Some things should never be recycled, dyed or re-tasked and wedding paraphernalia is definitely in this catagory.

    It's enough just to know that they are tucked up safe in a cupboard somewhere and from time to time you can look at them and remember how gorgeous you looked on your perfect day.

  8. They are gorgeous and what a wonderful thought that they'll be used for dress-ups later in life. I was just looking at some old jewellery that I won't wear again thinking that I needed to start a dress-ups suitcase for when my little one is older.