Thursday, 28 January 2010

✴ my creative space

Here is my creative space this week. Because of a horrible cold, which thankfully is now on it's way out, there hasn't been any pushing out of pram and mama tea and chat. But there has been much staying in, cbeebies, crochet and chasing an adventurous and stir crazy one year old!

There has been lots of crochet. In the evenings, after dinner, while watching a film, lovely. There has been some more grannies, obviously!

And there has been some flower crochet, which are then to be beautiful brooches, hopefully, eventually.

There has been some stitching of a birthday gift, shh..... don't peek! Which should be hurried as deadline is looming!

And most importantly, there has been much admiration of Miss Ella's first doodles on her thank you cards.

Isn't she just so creative? I especially love the colours she has chosen. There are 12 of these! Mainly done during her 'da da' period. Whilst chewing on a rice cake. And then the pencil......!

My creative space is back! Pop along to Kirsty's to see what she and everyone else has been up to.


  1. Do you think it's obvious I'm food obsessed when your blog title conjures thoughts of apple and bramble crumble with lashings (I love that word) of custard? *salivating as I write*
    I think yes.
    You take lovely photographs.
    Ali X

  2. Loving the thank you cards... very creative indeed.

  3. Kid art is the best. I love using it for cards and gifts! Very pretty things in your space.

  4. Oh I hope you feel better soon. All your work and the photos of your work are looking lovely!

  5. Gosh, still down for the count?? Sending you get well vibes. Happy crafting though, love Posie

  6. Feel better soon & yes the thank you cards are super cute.

  7. The granny squares are looking lovely, I like the softness of your colour choices. Hope you are feeling better soon!