Thursday, 10 December 2009

✴ my creative space

I seem to be running about ten hours behind everyone else....Can't think why...??!
My creative space is a bit of a tipped up house, half emptied packing boxes, toys scattered abandoned on the floor, unopened letters and catalogues (so many catalogues...), sleeping cats and crawling, standing children (actually just the one..) and laundry, lots of laundry.....

I've managed to establish a creative space, my little temporary corner of the dining room at the old bureau, which I've decided after a long contemplation, may well be painted in the new year, possibly a chinese blue or slate grey. It needs a lot of love and care to make it look beautiful and brighten it up from it's current Dickensian state. Although at the moment I quite like feeling like I am a character in a Dickens novel, stitching away at my old oak writing desk wearing fingerless gloves and with only candlelight for warmth. Actually the last two bits of that description are complete imagination but Dickens never really mentioned jeans or iphones so there you have it.

My usual workshop in the garage is not really working for three reasons, 1. it's way too cold, nay freezing, in there 2. it has over the last year become a dumping ground for all things with no home and so I can't actually see my desk 3. the baby, and needing to be within arms reach of said crawling, standing child. Cbeebies only goes so far in it's ability to captivate and babysit!

I've washed a stash of fabric which is ready for things on the to do list, tote bags, softies, lavender hearts, quilts...Sorted the felt for christmas decorations, softie gnomes etc...

Found my lost ball of twine and tied up the belated advent tags onto the wall...

Started to make the embroidery hoop wall baubles...

And most importantly, strung some lights, so pretty!
Still so much more to get done.....

For more creative spaces, head along to Kootoyoo , it's the last peek before Christmas!


  1. In amongst the 'chaos', you've been incredibly busy. Still managing to add a few Christmas touches to your house. Sounds like you're well on your way to getting things done very soon.

  2. Looking very productive. I really like your advent calendar and the lights very pretty and festive. Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi.:)