Wednesday, 9 December 2009

✴ what's hot & what's not...

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I don't seem to have time to do anything at the moment. My dreams of a homemade christmas seem a distant lamplight that I just can't seem to reach in an otherwise foggy fuddle of necessary to do's and run-arounds....Sigh.....I caved yesterday in M&S and bought christmas cards....Even bigger sigh.........
At least there is some time to reflect on what's hot and what most definitely is not on this wet, grey winter's morning.
Pop along to miss Loobylu  for more hot/not lists. Go on...You know you want to.....


Ideal Home Magazine. This magazine is celebrating it's 90th birthday this month. 90 years! Wow! Also really love Ideal Home's blog Home Shopping Spy. Beautiful images and great ideas. Hooray!

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Kirstie's Homemade Christmas. What joy to be flicking around the telly channels last night with no clue of what might be on to discover Kirstie's Homemade Christmas on channel four. And I was just in time for it! Yeah! Love Kirstie Allsopp. Love her witty and argumentative banter with Phil on Location (x 3) and especially loved the Homemade home series she did earlier this year...I was hooked and extremely envious of the gorgeous home, the dilapidated Meadowgate, she had created and renovated with thrift finds and handmade home wares. This time it's all about a homemade christmas (yeah I think the clue is in the title...) at Meadowgate which hasn't seen a christmas for 30 years! Aww!
Homemade is soooo hot!

Muji. Stocking fillers, Muji style. Just love their little wooden toys and quirky gifts. Perfect stocking filler size and made from wood...which is good! What's not to love with chicken skittles??!

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Time. Or lack of. Had such great hopes for making and baking, and so far....What was I thinking!??? I guess I still have a little time to get organised....Don't I??

Darkness. Ok I love winter, I love the dark, usually. But as it's taking me and the baba so long to get organised at the moment, we end up heading out at about 3.30pm, and it's almost dark! Weird. It's confusing baba boo a wee bit too! Had got so used to sitting on the boardwalk at 4.30pm and watching the waves........Ahhhh, miss that. I do.

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  1. Yep, Love Kirstie too, we had her here via pay TV refurbishing her house ... love your post, never enough time here too ;)