Saturday, 12 December 2009

✴ five minutes peace...

Haven't played along with my place and yours in a few weeks because of this that and the other...The theme queen this week, Pilgrim , has chosen five minutes peace;
where do you retreat to for that sanity-regaining break? i am interested in what or where in your home your sanctuary is.
Hhmmm......Five minutes peace.......




What's that??!!!!

I suppose on a good baba napping day I like to escape to the garden, weather permitting and have a few moments of peace and fresh air with a cup of hot tea....And maybe a chocolate digestive...Or two...And dream about the vegetable patches that are a long time in the making but forever in the dreaming...


  1. yeah, I hear ya! Is there 5 mins when the kids are awake that you get peace? Not often. But nap time can be good time & usually these times are busy getting things done, 5 mins of sit down with a cuppa or something is just precious!

  2. I used to sit with a cuppa when the littlies were asleep too. It was the only time I managed to drink it all before it got cold. Sitting in the garden sounds nice.

  3. ooh a chocolate digestive! i think i need to work those into my 'five minutes peace' yuuum!

    lovely blog, sarah. i love the name! thank you for playing along with my theme :)

  4. It's so funny you said 'what's 5 minutes peace?' cause that was my first thought too! But your photographs are beautiful, and here's hoping we Mama's get 5 minutes free time this weekend to find some peace :)

  5. your photos of baby vying for you attention are very funny, and dreaming of vegetable patches is infinetly less hard work than actually doing it.
    thanks for your comments on mine too.

  6. Oh how I miss babies sleeping during the really is precious time to breathe isn't it...

  7. Oh if you're not having peace, at least you're being harrassed by a super cutie!!! Your garden looks lovely & relaxing!

  8. oh lovely, you take really nice photos...even when the cute face is blurred! :) thanks for sharing

  9. I always hated it when the kids stopped having naps. That little interval should be compulsory! Hey, pop over to my blog, there is a surprise waiting for you xo