Wednesday, 30 December 2009

✴ festive postcards

I've been buried deep in festivities over the past few weeks...
First there was a birthday (last year spent ill with flu and heavily pregnant...) then there was an anniversary (last year spent ill with flu and heavily pregnant...) then of course, christmas (last year....ok you get the message...!!).
This year...not ill, definitely not pregnant and all spent with the delights and captivation of an almost one year old! perfect!

    • Decorating the house and making quick doily bunting!

    {Fold a doily in half, open, then fold in half the other way, open, then fold in half diagonally, open, then in half diagonally the other way, open. Cut along the folds so you end up with 8 doily pizza shapes. Stick diamante/sequins/glitter on the points of each piece, repeat with different sized doilies. Thread wool/string/ribbon through the holes in the doily pieces and hang wherever...job done!}

    • Anniversary retreat in the snow to The Gilpin Lodge in The Lake District.
    • Managing to finish a few homemade gifts, including Kitten Kaboodle (adapted from Amy Butlers 'Birdie the Cat Pillow' free downloadable pattern here )
    • Home cooked meals from Mum
    • Watching Ella open her presents on Christmas morning (although it did take hours...)
    • A snowy, misty walk down memory lane... (actually it's called Chadkirk Road....!)

    • Real fires
    • Boxing day party with many children!! Ella loved it!
    • Snow! And most importantly....A white Christmas!!!!! Yippeeee!
    • A second Christmas dinner at my mother-in-law's!!
    • Spending time with friends and family.
    How did you spend your festive season?

      Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

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        1. I love the paper doily bunting, great idea!
          How lucky are you to win Becks Cardi Bunnys! Lucky Duck!
          A Belated Happy new Year to you and your family!
          Michele x