Tuesday, 17 November 2009

✴ What's Hot & What's Not...


Stamping. Not the ground, or my fist, but lovely ink stamping onto paper, fabric or whatever is lying around waiting to be stamped! I bought these letter stamps from Kikki. K at the weekend.
More stamp love at

PDF Purchases. I have loved an online shop called Mibo for a while now, such beautiful prints and textiles. I was delighted to discover they now have an etsy store and even more delighted to discover these make-at-home 'Christmas Creatures' available as a PDF file! Fantastic, instant Mibo love. I also have my eye on that print-it-yourself calendar...

Images Mibo 

The Water Babies. Or more specifically my water baby. We took Ella swimming properly at the weekend, we've dipped her toe in a few times and it's been met with an instant leg split away from the water so we were not sure how it was going to go. She loved it! Splashed her little heart out, bless.
I do love the book though as well!

The Water Babies image here


Farewells. Saying goodbye to friends over here as we all start to leave Australia. It's been fun!

Packing. Again, I know, it was last weeks Not...And will most likely be next weeks Not! It has to be done....Sigh......

Slighty 'Off'. Waking with a very dry throat on a very grey day...Hmmmm.....Looks like it might be the perfect day to tackle that packing.....Sigh.....

Some lovely peeps have written their Hot/Nots go and have a peek at Loobylu ...



  1. Your hots are so hot! Those stamps! That etsy store! Swimming babes! All hot. xx

  2. How cool are those Christamas creatures, they look just perfect for an origami expert like myself *ahem*.

  3. Um...you know I meant 'Christmas' not 'Christamas' right ? Oh auto spell check, I miss thee.