Monday, 16 November 2009

✴ Bella Boo Bunny :: Softies For Mirabel

Bella Boo Bunny is a little girl softie, with unusually green hair, rosy posy cheeks and a heartwarming smile. She likes to wear her bunny ears and her bunny tail and hop about the room twitching her cutie pie nose.

She is going on a long journey, to Melbourne, she's never been there before. It's very exciting.
So she puts on her mittens, even though it's probably quite warm there but she has a bit of an English temperament...

She can't wait to play with all of her other friends waiting here . So slips on her ballet flats, she's quite fashionable don't you know...

And with a big bursting heart...

And a farewell cuddle and leg pull...

She promptly marches out of the door...

She can be so stubborn sometimes....I'll have to run after her and put her in a jiffy bag, it's a far safer way for a little girl softie to travel to Melbourne...

Softies For Mirabel is a really good cause and a great way to inspire crafty creativeness.
Meet Me At Mikes is a brilliant mover and shaker of said good cause and crafty creativeness.

Bella Boo Bunny was hand-stitched by me. I would have liked to have made more, I really would, but the other unfinished projects are beginning to give me dirty looks and alas, time is running out.

There's always next year!!!!

Bon Voyage Miss Bella Boo Bunny.


  1. I love her! She is going to make some little kid very, very happy.

  2. she has the most adorable face!
    your pics are very lovely indeed, great angles and it makes me feel like i'm there ♥

  3. She is just so wonderful. I hope her journey to Melbourne is full of excitement and wonder (as much as a jiffy bag permits!) and she finds a wonderful person to love! x

  4. Thanks all, lovely comments. x
    I promise to put air holes in the jiffy bag!

  5. she's very beautiful. . .i'm sure she will be much loved

  6. She is too lovely. Your craftwomenship is immaculate!

  7. Great softie - filled with loads of character.