Thursday, 19 November 2009

✴ my creative space

I wasn't going to take part in my creative space from kootooyoo  this week because I thought I had nothing to show.
I thought I had been busy ironing and packing whilst daydreaming of lovely crafty projects and exciting things to make.
But in actual fact I had been cutting and making said lovely things and only thinking about ironing and packing... Oh well...

After a busy thankless day yesterday, running after a very energetic, speed crawling, dvd grabbing, non-napping baba all I wanted to do last night was some relaxing crocheting, which is vastly becoming my new fave thing. The only thing to hand was a ball of chunky mustard wool and the wrong sized crochet hook and thus, I created a large chunky 'what do I do with it?' granny square and an imperfect pom pom! But I was relaxed and contented and that's the main thing, right??

And in between extracting small fingers from the dvd slot on the machine I managed to start the monogram brooches I've been wanting to make, still haven't made my mind up about the backing, petals or rosettes....Hmmmm.....

Oh well, back to the ironing board for me!


  1. The monogram looks lovely. Your stitches are beautifully neat.

  2. Ah, I've had days like that!

    You're right. It doesn't matter what you made, just that the making gave you what you needed. Wishing some rest for you!

  3. Your work is gorgeous! I love that feeling of having busy hands but making something you are familiar with so you can zone out. Pom poms and giant grannies are perfect for this.

  4. Oh I love to crochet too! When all else fails a granny square framed or hung on the wall can look fab.

  5. What cute little monogram brooches, you must have eagle eyes for that teeny tiny stitching. Thanks for your input on Witchy, I'm feeling so much more inspired that I may well finish her on the weekend :) x

  6. I call it the Zen of Crochet I suck at meditation but crochet is the next best thing *contented sigh*!