Tuesday, 10 November 2009

✴ What's Hot & What's Not...

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Yes, it really is that time again...Oh my golly gosh time is flying away.....Phew......
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Fondue. Not the cheesy version with flares, side burns and argyle jumpers, or the cheesey version with melted gorgonzola and stale bits of bread, but the chocolate version. And not just any chocolate version, but the quick stop post shop Max Brenner's version.......Mmmmmm.......
What better way to rebuild lost blood sugar from dashing around the shops* getting all those necessary household essentials, (*Kikki.K, Mimco, David Jones, Veronika Maine, Witchery, Marcs....), a thankless task for any busy housewife.......
And here comes the science bit, it can actually help towards your 5 a day, well, not the chocolate bit...or the cake bit... or the marshmallow bit.....but bananas and strawberries??....I rest my case.

Decorative Electricity Units. Or whatever they are, the metal boxes at the side of the road which obviously have cables and turny knobs and important buttons in them. They're usually grey and drab. But not here. I've seen so many which are all beautifully painted with quirky images. Does the council commission someone to paint these or does Australia have an abundance of highly creative and mild mannered teenagers with spray cans? It would sooo get abused in London..! They are great and definitely brighten my day!

Manta Ray. The whales have all gone now but I did spot a Manta Ray (or some other such Ray) in the ocean one morning while on the balcony. The water was really clear and I could easily make out it's huge shape gracefully swimming along the waters edge...Amazing!


Packing. Have to seriously start thinking about packing. Just over two weeks until return home. There's so much to sort out and pack up not to mention cleaning the apartment.....groan......

Tan. Or lack of tan! I have no tan. Well ok I have maybe a bit of colour on my arms and maybe a tiny glow to my face but I STILL have pasty white legs!!! I thought a few months in Australia might give me lovely tanned legs but NO! What has been with the rain and clouds??? Eh?...Eh? I'll be laughed out of Blighty if I don't return with a lovely tan......Have two weeks or it'll be time to crack open the gravy browning! Thank goodness it's tights season back home!

Anyway, short but sweet Hot/Not list today I have to rush out to the cinema....Yeah, that'll help with the tan...!!



  1. Great list! Max Brenner, Witchery and David Jones, that's my kind of heaven!

  2. Mmm. The chocolate fondue sounds delicious. Sorry you didn't get a tan! I think the bronzed Aussie is a bit of a myth really.