Tuesday, 10 November 2009

✴ By Hook, or Buy Book!

Yesterday, we took a stroll to Broadbeach via blockbuster to return yet another slightly tedious film ('What Just Happened'  Zzzzz.....) and happened to pass the hidden away and completely out of place second hand bookshop. I say out of place because you could easily walk right past it not expecting to find such a gem of a shop nestled in amongst the strip of fast food outlets and convenience stores. But there it is, and in we ventured, pram and all...
I love second hand book shops, especially old second hand book shops, and antique shops, Oooh lovely... Think '64 Charing Cross Road' and 'The Old Curiosity Shop'.....
There is a tiny street, just off St Martins Lane that I used to walk down on my way to the London Coliseum (many Nutcracker seasons ago...) a narrow paved alleyway, shadowed on either side by tall Victorian buildings with shops beneath selling second hand books and antique prints. It's a dark and gloomy side street, and if you were to stand there and close your eyes slightly you could almost imagine you were standing in Diagon Alley looking for Olivanders Wand shop....Almost.... Maybe after a few drinks......
Anyway this shop we were in yesterday isn't old but it is lovely and has shelves overflowing from floor to ceiling with second hand books and just enough room to squeeze in a few old 70's style whicker chairs for a sit down and a quick perusal.

I picked up three children's books printed in the 40's, 50's and 60's.
Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi, illustrated by Fritz Kredel. Print Edition 1946.
The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton, illustrated by D.M. Wheeler. Print Edition 1950.
Best in Childrens Books by various authors and illustrators. Print Edition 1963.

The illustrations are gorgeous, so typical of each decade and evoking lost memories of childhood book reading. Obviously I wasn't around when these books were first printed (thank you!) but I do remember this era of children's books from school and the library. They always just seemed 'old' and musty back then, now I think they are FAB!

I also picked up a crochet book from the 1970's. It's soooo seventies I love it! I have a selection of craft books from the 70's, well in actual fact I shamelessly stole them from my Mum last time I was home, when I say stole what I actually mean is that I shouted 'I'm taking these..' as I shoved them into my bag before making a runner back to the distant south...
They are just so delicious... I don't know whether I love them so much because of that 70's style or if it's because they bring back so many memories of being a child in the 70's! Yes, I was around then, fair cop!
I can't help but giggle looking through these books, the models, with their soft focus, thin red lips, spider like lashes, peasant style blouses, floppy hats and maxi skirts... The home decor, of oranges and browns, dried flowers in homemade pot vases, crocheted doilies, spider plants and whicker chairs....Love it!

The Complete Guide To Crochet edited by Pam Dawson

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  1. What wonderful finds, I might just go sniffing down around Broadbeach myself now.