Thursday, 12 November 2009

✴ My Creative Space...

Hooray for magical meme's on an otherwise tongue-tied thursday...
Here is my creative space, head to Kootooyoo for more...

Charming Crochet Craftiness...
{ A new skill learned }

Perfectly Perforated Paper...
{A new paper cutting tool }

Heavenly Haberdashery Haul...
{ New projects in the making }

Pretty Painted Pebbles...
{ Not finished yet }

Annoying Alliterative Answers!!!

I'm done...!


  1. love your creative space & your ohhh so fabulous pics!!

  2. Funny! What are those furry balls (sorry..)? Looks like you are up to all kinds of creative things and it's good to see you are trying new things. I'm not so good at that, I'll have to work on it! xo

  3. Not annoying at all, I thought it was a super sweet post.

  4. Perfect granny squares. You've done an awesome job.

  5. Thanks all.
    Beck, they are little felt balls probably beads as they have a hole running through them. Just loved the colours and they were on special, and I do love a bargain...

  6. very nice granny squares ! i love the colours you chose.

  7. I love all your projects on the go. I love your colour choices and photos. I am going to have to follow your blog now so I don't lose you. Have fun.

  8. I love the painted pebbles idea! My mom used to paint rocks when I was little but the simplicity of these blows those out of the water!