Saturday, 14 November 2009

✴ Through the front door...

Another week of My Place and Yours from Meet Me At Mikes. This week the theme is Through The Front Door chosen by Femme de Montmartre.
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This week I've decided to focus on back home. The door to this apartment is decidedly uninspiring and well, apartment like, so after 3 months here, I am looking forward (2 weeks today!) to returning to my 1930's semi in the suburbs of Surrey. Aahhhh....
The photo above was taken just after moving in 2 years ago. It's had a lick of paint since then and a few extra bits and bobs, usually a plant or two on the window sill (probably now dead) and a small pile of letters and junk mail (probably now a mountain) waiting to be sorted and sent to the recycling.
Outside there are brick red steps leading up to the front door and a spotty front door mat from Laura Ashley. Either side of the door sits a bay tree planted in a great big pale green plant pot which is festooned with tiny fairy lights at Christmas time.
But you'll have to imagine that.
Also imagine the Arts & Crafts oak sideboard to the left of the door as you walk in, an Ebay find and the large 1930's oak oval mirror on the wall opposite also from Ebay and which arrived with a large crack in it (eek!) and was only replaced just before we came out to Australia.
On a bright day the sun streams through the stained glass, projecting distorted rose shapes onto the pale walls.
On the wall leading up the stairs is a small assortment of framed family snaps, old and new. This is the beginnings of what I hope will become a striking feature wall, full of happy images and visions of times gone by, but I've only just begun and there are still a lot of photographs to go through...
I love arriving home and walking through my stained glass door. I love that the sound of the key turning in the lock wakes Tabitha and Olive sleeping on the stairs who come running to greet me with a soft miaow and an affectionate head butt against my legs. A gentle reminder that I should probably feed them  first before kicking off my shoes and making myself a cup of tea and slouching in front of the telly!


  1. Your stained glass door and windows are beautiful. I love the cats sitting there waiting for you and letting you know it's time to be fed! Thanks for showing us your front door.:)

  2. oooooohhh it sounds just lovely..gorgeous leadlights..and your puddycats look right at home too :))

  3. Tabitha and Olive!
    Hello girls!
    So bright and pretty and neat at yours!

  4. i love a stained glass door! how lovely. I've got two beautiful little kitty cats too :D Thanks for sharing!

  5. Always wanted leadlight doors. And your gorgeous moggies look so relaxed, not like my two crazy cats.

  6. I love the 1930s decor! What a lovely bright space, so welcoming especially with the gorgeous cats. x

  7. Such nice light on the stairs ... nice!!

  8. Oh lovely - I can so imagine your bay trees with sparkley fairy lights too!. Lucky kitties to have such a cozy spot to wait.

  9. i love it!!! honestly, i really love it. then you mention surrey and i go all gooey inside, cause i had friends who lived there and i've had such lovely times there in the past. the cats on the stairs looking down so adorably is a heart melter! your blog is gorgeous.