Monday, 9 November 2009

✴ That was the weekend, that was...

Why do the weekends fly by so quickly? I always have such high hopes of getting so much done as well as taking it easy....Hhmmm, never happens!

I didn't manage to sort out all of the old clothes we are shipping back to the UK but I did manage to buy a lovely LBD for a forthcoming winter wedding, get my hair cut and paint my toenails....

I didn't manage to sew together 'Bella Boo Bunny' so she still has an open gusset with wadding spilling out but I did learn to crochet a granny square, thanks to Pip's tips ...

I didn't manage to find out any new information in the quest to research my family tree, but I did enjoy meeting Mr H's co-workers and spending time over a long lunch with friends...

I didn't get round to cleaning the apartment or tackling the ironing (quelle surprise!) but I did love the impromptu pre 'bababath+bed' sunset stroll along the beach...

Did you get all of your to do's done this weekend?


  1. I think that your 'did' list sounds like a wonderful way to spend a weekend.

  2. Some, but not all. My list is ever growing and seemingly endless. However I did get quite alot done so I should be happy about that. I love your photo's and have enjoyed looking through your blog tonight, xo

  3. Thanks for the lovely ( as always) comments ladies. x

  4. Thanks for the fab comment on my blog, and no cleaning ironing and a sunset stroll sounds like the perfect weekend to me!