Saturday, 24 October 2009

ℤzz Bedside...

This isn't my real bedside, it is borrowed. My real bedside is thousands of miles away, across strange lands and deep oceans and is probably in the dark right now, maybe slightly lit by a street lamp shining through the shutters on the windows....
But this borrowed bedside is home to my things and so it is good.
On this bedside, which is in actual fact a small oval chest of drawers, there is a huge lamp with an ornate metal base, the sort of thing you would find in a hotel.... or a rented apartment.....
This lamp is hardly ever turned on for fear of waking the baba who sleeps in our room and so this bedside is not really used but for collecting dust and dumping bits and bobs on!
The books on the bedside, one which was the choice in my local book club many months ago and is still only half read.... The other a book which was lent to me by a friend and came highly recommended but still hasn't been opened yet. I had such ideas before I came over here of long lazy walks on the beach, and going to bed early with a warm drink and a good read......Clearly I had forgotten I'm still a full time mama!! So the books are still unread and the early nights never happen.
Inevitably there are remnants of the baba... a dummy, a hairbrush and the baby monitor. Obviously there are remnants of me....Accessories discarded while getting ready in the morning, a turquoise beaded necklace, a silver heart (perfume bottle) pendant and a diamond pendant (treasured gift from Mr H which really shouldn't be thrown on the side!) , a beaded brooch and a tin of hair grips and two square scarves , one from Orla Kiely (bought in the sale at Selfridges) and one from Lulu Guinness which is a beautiful Parisian scene print and was a gift.
Also on this bedside is my iphone which is permanently switched off in the hope that I can avoid a huge bill on my arrival home!

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  1. Your words made me think about the first thing I do when I stay anywhere, pop a few personal items on the bedside table to make it feel homely. Funny, I've never thought about it before. The pile of books...I think we do it just to taunt ourselves ;)

  2. even if though it's not your 'real' bedside it still looks homey

  3. It may not be your bedside at home but it still gives the inpression of a busy Mum. The mix of items left haphazardly on the table gives a home-away-from-home happy feeling.

  4. Oh that's ace. I love the stylish scarf and beads - alongside the dummy! You are both fashionable and mummified! I hope you get to do some reading soon! So pleased you played! xx

  5. Your bedside seems to hold many parts of your life, some practical and most of them special. I love your beads. Thanks for popping by my blog xo

  6. Thanks all. The beads and scarves prefer to live on the side than risk baby sick and dribble!