Tuesday, 27 October 2009

✑ Book Clubs are like Buses...

So, I have been looking around for a book club to join for years...Then two turn up at once!
Ok maybe that is slight exaggeration, the first book club I joined, The Mums Book Club was a wee while ago now, Ella was probably about 10 weeks old and other than the baby massage classes I'd started, it was my first jaunt out with her, in the car ( I know- chicken..) and meeting other mums.
It was a revelation! Oh it was so lovely to be out sipping cups of tea, chatting about literary texts, musing over contemporary authors and mopping up sick ( oh, there is just no getting away from that...).
Our first book was 'The Reader' and rather handy for me as I had just seen the film! However I did read the book, avidly, as though the film didn't even exist. It's staggering how a book can sometimes offer so much more depth than it's cinematic counterpart, I guess that's the power of imagination. Although I do love films! Have to, it's sink or swim for a vfx producers wife.... !
Anyway despite my eager start things have rapidly fallen apart and although I do have my sojourn in Australia (the other side of the World..!) as a good excuse I have fallen rather behind with the Mums Book Club.
Surprising then that I should sign up for another one! Hoopla doopla!!?
I've joined in with Pip's Book Club from Meet me at Mikes . Three books have been chosen and out of the three I am going to read "My Life in France" by Julia Child. It seemed an obvious choice after my previous gushings over the Film (Julie and Julia) and then the cook book (Mastering the Art of French Cooking) from which I cooked a three course dinner for two unsuspecting guests only a week ago. It went well, I should add!
Anyway there you have it, we'll see how well it goes. But I figure it is actually a book that I'm keen on reading so what the heck?!

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  1. Soujourn in Australia? More details please! I belong to a book club too, it's a lot of fun and very social. I read alot anyway but I enjoy the company of a nice bunch of women and lively discussion of the book, and everything else! Hope you enjoy your book! xo