Wednesday, 21 October 2009

☺ What's Hot & ☹ What's Not!

A little time spent on a seating plan goes a long way....Sitting two single friends, who had never met before, together at our wedding almost two years ago and now they have just set the date for their own wedding....Altogether now....Awwww! ♥

Definitely, Maybe...A surprisingly lovely film watched the other evening. Starring the delectable Ryan Reynolds (also add to Hot list, not because of his boyish good looks and toned tum but because I seem to love every film I see him in!! Strike that! Put Wolverine into Not list...Oh, RR what were you thinking??!)

Babushka Measuring Cups...Oh so cute, so quirky, so I must have them!!...
Ooohh...This great shop/blog here sells them!

Stamp Collecting.....Not really!...But I'm loving these 60's British Design Classics from the Royal Mail.
I spotted them in Inside Out last month and really loved their idea for framing them! I think several sheets together look almost like wallpaper, the repetitive retro pattern works really well and would look great in a white frame. Ironic really as Royal Mail are striking back in Blighty at the moment...Naughty!... Go to the Not list!

Ironing...Still have a mountain to climb...Bah Humbug! (cut and paste this line for every week...!)

Screaming....Ella has discovered screaming and lets out a blood-curdling piercing scream reminiscent of Hammer house of Horror movies. Not because she is unhappy or distressed, no it's just because she can!!!
Please be ears and hoo......

Keeping in Touch... I seem incapable of keeping in touch with anyone back home. I still can't get used to the time difference and can never time it right to call!
Everytime I get a moment to call I have to stop myself as I suddenly realise it's some ridiculous hour in the night for them!! Sorry Mum......

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  1. Awwww... that really is a delightful story.

  2. Oh I know what you mean about ironing! my breeds in the night! I near ever seem to clear it!....just ignore it! might go away!!

  3. How good is it that you made that wonderful match!? I love stories like that... thanks for playing again. xx

  4. Nice stamps! Some stamps have great designs and they would be effective framed in the right place. Chele