Tuesday, 20 October 2009

✿ Choux, Choux...

On Saturday night we had friends around for dinner. This was so lovely and such a rare occasion since having Ella, and, more importantly I had a brand spanking new cookbook ("Mastering...") which was crying out to have buttery finger prints and sauce drippings smeared all over it!!!

The night before I whipped up these choux puffs. Well, actually I'd attempted them the week before but it had been an utter disaster - the mixture too runny, a lack of piping bag meant huge dollops spread all over the baking sheet which meant big doughy puffs, not at all anything like the crispy light puffiness of profiteroles which is what I'd been imagining!
Luckily this time was different and immediately I knew I was on the right track when the mixture was the exact smooth buttery consistancy as described in the book. Hooray! As it was 1am and I'm not that into kitchen disasters in the wee small hours...!!!!

After only 20 minutes in the oven I tentatively opened the door to reveal a tray of golden crispy profiterole puffs! So delighted!!!
It was really hard not to eat them all up straight away.....Mmmmm the smell of freshly baked puffs wafting through the kitchen in the middle of the night was too yum! I'm surprised it didn't wake guzzle guts Ella up!!

Recipe here 

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  1. I am super envious of your choux success! Well done!