Saturday, 3 October 2009

I'm Loving...Amy Butler

I'm still loving Amy Butler fabrics and patterns!
I bought a selection of fabrics from John Lewis before Christmas. They're such gorgeous floral/ retro patterns and colours. I love that they look amazing as dress or home furnishings and particularly good in childrens rooms! I made some basket linings when on the brink of giving birth (it was a mad industrious weekend where I tried anything to bring the 2 weeks late baby on!!). They look great in Ellas room and go with the quirky (non teddy bear!) decor.
I've got one of Amy Butlers books 'In Stitches ' and am keen to make one of her many quilt designs - gorgeous! Although I think that will be a big project for someone with little free time!

Her website is amazing and even has some free downloadable patterns. I started to make the cat cushion before we came out to Oz.

I haven't found any suppliers out here yet although I've brought out a few scraps of fabric for projects.

Today, I'm also Loving...Mr H. Who has looked after the baby all morning so that I can catch up on this blog! Love weekends!

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