Sunday, 18 October 2009

✪ Hello Ducky...

It seems like Ella's first word is imminent, it's so close I can almost smell it (..or that may be something else...). We are already taking bets on what it will be. The shortlist is "Hello" and "Duck"!
Every morning when she wakes up, Mr H Brings her into bed with us in some vain hope that she may drift off to sleep again or have a little snooze so that we can both have a few extra minutes sleep. This seems like an idyllic situation but what really happens is that we imagine we are having extra sleep when in actual fact we are in a waking dream where we share our bed with a squealing, wriggling monkey who likes to pull hair and kick!
Anyway the other morning while this daily parent bashing was occurring, amidst the squeals and dadada's a sound emerged that was definitely reminiscent of a proper word, and that word sounded like "Hello".....or more accurately, "ell  owe"!
This managed to 'wake' us both up with a start convinced we had heard the possible beginnings of a first word!
Alas, this would then prove to be a one hit wonder as no matter how many times I uttered "Hello" at Ella she would look at me with utter bemusement, bordering on pity.
A day or so later I was delighted and chuffed to little mint balls when, after months of signing to her (ok, maybe not as much as I should have been...) she finally reciprocated, and while having her evening bath, signed the word "Duck".
This is not so a one hit wonder but more a daily flapping of the hands as she continues to sign the word for duck and has even muttered a duck, or "Dok" sounding word!
What joy, we may even end up with a sentence..."Hello Duck" .....oh dear maybe not!!!

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