Sunday, 18 October 2009

⠖On the Shelf...

A shelf is a wonderful thing. An empty shelf is even better because it's an ordinary space waiting to be brought to life with quirky and interesting or perhaps practical or functional objects. It could take a whole afternoon to fill a shelf, selecting the right collection of things, moving them around, maybe even a whole month or years of collecting objects to put on that shelf. Of course, it might not be a shelf at all but could be a mantlepiece or window sill or ledge, or even an upside down plant pot!
Mr H commented, when we first moved in together, that suddenly there were 'things' on the shelves (other than books..), on top of cupboards and on the windowsill. 'Things' had suddenly appeared 'carefully put together but in a seemingly random way' in all dusty corners of this usually neat and organised flat!
He loved it...!!

This was my kitchen shelf, in our old flat. It was a very basic pine shelf from B & Q and I bought a couple, including a peg rack and put them up on the wall like a determined mad woman with a cordless drill! There were holes in the wall everywhere, and it was slightly uneven which I tried to fix by hammering the side that was too high...I'm technical like that!
I wanted to create a rustic, 'Shaker' style shelf and so painted it a very light wash of cream. It was by no means perfect, but I loved it!
On this shelf were a selection of glass bottles including the empty 70 yr old port bottle bought for Mr H's birthday, a bento box, a stainless steel cocktail measure and compass and sugar sifter, flower teacups and saucers, a beloved and much used teapot and milk and sugar bowl, measuring cups and lemon juicer , cookie cutters (flower, star, crescent moon, pig, heart, dragonfly, fish, butterfly), tea cup and jug bought when on tour in Taipei, stainless steel milk and sugar pourer and a butter dish made by a friend.
The shelf is long gone, it didn't survive the removal from the wall when we moved house, in fact I think we may have left it up there afraid of the wall damage we may reveal underneath!!
It would be nice to think this shelf is still on that kitchen wall, cluttered with some other persons beloved ornaments and nik naks. But I doubt it.
I still have all of the lovely items though and am now searching for that perfect shelf to put them all back out on display.
I think I may get someone else to fix it to the wall next time though!!

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  1. Love the shelf...I usually can't stand clutter but this all fits just perfectly :) Beautiful