Friday, 16 October 2009

☺ What's Hot.....& ☹ What's Not!!!

Love taking part in this link from Loobylu ......
A little late, and short and sweet but here it is.....


Having 10 mins to type this while someone naps (in an otherwise non-napping day) although it's now dinnertime...doh!

Eating leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches and pecan pie on the boardwalk in the blustery wind watching the surfers.

'Little Einsteins' on Playhouse Disney.....You've got to admire a preschool programme that can successfully mix cute cartoon capers with the works of M.C Esher and Georges Bizet!!!

'Mastering the Art of French Cooking' by Julia Child....All of the recipes (except maybe the Aspic chapter..) sound sooo lovely and are wonderfully written and seem really easy to follow (perhaps I should wait to comment on that until after this weekend......!!)

Hair grips from Mimco. Love the sparkly swan!          

Only 6 weeks until return to Blighty!

    Finding half chewed baby rice cakes stuck to almost everything....the carpet...the pram clothes...!

    Ironing....! Why does the miserable mountain of ironing get bigger and bigger by the day and why hasn't anybody turned up to do it for me?????!!! Everyday I have aspirations to sort it out and everyday there is something far more interesting to do! Sigh....Perhaps today........

    Facebook quizzes and ridiculous applications! Whenever I look on facebook I am bombarded with quizzes about this that and the other....... What kind of carpet are you?....Which 'High School Musical' character are you?......Name the Milkshake?......Not to mention Farmville... Fishworld...Blah blah blah....! Grrrrrr....So annoying!

    Going to bed far too late (because there is so much I want to do in Me time!!) and being woken up far too early with a hair pull and a kick in the back (that's the baba not Mr H!!!).

    Only 6 weeks until return to Blighty!


    1. oh I just saw Julie and Julia today! quite an inspiring movie, I hope you enjoy cooking from Julia Child's book :) oh, and in my house I just don't do ironing, that's how I solve that that bad?? hmmmm...

    2. It's taken me a full week to get around to say hello to all the what's hot + what's notters this week - but hello! Actually, you have inspired me with your choux puffs and your julia child book reading. I think it might be time to try them too. How did you serve them? thanks for playing along last week - hopefully we'll see you again this week!