Thursday, 17 September 2009

Lamingtons, Kookaburras and Humpbacks...

The weekend was our last with Aunty Lulu before getting her flight back to Blighty on the monday evening. So we tried to make it a good one.
On the friday we headed to our now favourite deli in Broadbeach (possibly 
only deli in Broadbeach) for lunch.
I couldn't resist buying a few bits. It's so lovely to have somewhere to shop for little treats and unusual spices and packets of this, that and the other, which you just can't get in Woolies!!!
We decided to have afternoon tea on the beach and indulged in a giant lamington (to share!!) from the deli. 
It was decided that as we have such opposing views of the 'proper cup of tea' (mine- strong builders, Aunty Lulus- weak Earl Grey) that we would make a flask of coffee instead. I haven't drunk coffee in such a long time and usually speak of it which such contempt but there was something really appealing about drinking hot coffee from a flask on the beach. I think coffee works better than tea from a flask, there's something of the 'caravan' about it! Whereas tea should only really be drunk from a bone china teacup and saucer and preferably at The Ritz!!!!
Anyway, we had a lovely walk along the beach and sat with the seagulls and Japanese tourists and had our lamington and coffee. By this point it was almost 4pm and as usual the sun had disappeared behind the high rises and it was freezing. We wrapped little Ella Bella up in whatever we could find in the bag and bless her she ended up wearing her swim suit with a baby grow over the top and with socks on!
I put the towel around her in the baby bjorn and she must have been cosy and warm as she fell asleep in the carrier as we hurriedly headed back, hoping not to get hypothermia!!
On the saturday we drove up to Mount Tamborine and stopped to have lunch in a lovely little cafe in Eagle Heights. The town is a haven for craft and art shops and bizarre little gift shops, even an eternal christmas shop!! It all looks a bit Bavarian and there is even a cuckoo clock shop adding to that rustic 'christmasy' charm. I bought some felt and some tiny buttons for more soft toy making!
Later we walked around the botanical gardens. There was a beautiful arbour covered in wisteria which kind of put my tiny little tree back home to shame!  The only thing to break the peace was the sounds of the birds singing to each other which was amazing. We spotted a few kookaburras and obviously the usual ibis wandering around.
On the sunday we took another trip to Byron Bay as Aunty Lulu hadn't been with us the first time. This time we headed straight up to the lighthouse. The view, as last time was staggering made especially so this time with the countless sightings of humpbacks! Apparently this view from the lighthouse is the best land based place (I'm not sure if it was the in the world or just Australia!) to watch whales. Although I'm willing to contest that statement with the view from our balcony! Everyday now we have been able to spot humpbacks breaching, tail flipping and generally splashing around and it never gets dull watching these magnificent creatures!
I already know I'm going to be very disappointed with the view of the street when we get back to Blighty!

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