Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Beach Berry Muffins

At the weekend I made some muffins which is the first bit of baking I have done while here in Oz, which will explain the slap dash approach due to lack of recipes and equipment!!
At home I usually make them to a recipe from the New Vegetarian cookbook and have in the past adapted the recipe using all sorts of different fruit, veg, cheese and nuts to make a variety of scrummy muffins.
There really are no rules with muffins which is why I love making them so much and they are soooo easy to do!
Beach - Bung everything altogether & chomp happily!!!!

Top tips...
Don't mix the batter too well. A lumpy mixture makes for better muffins. 
Keep frozen berries in the freezer ready for impromptu muffin making - no need to defrost just bung them straight into the mix!

Yummy varieties...
Tangerine and Dried Cranberry

Pear and Gorgonzola and Walnut
Apple and Cinnamon
Blueberry and Raspberry

Here  is the method I used although having no kitchen scales meant it was all a bit 'made up'!!
Although Mr H thought they were lovely!!

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