Friday, 11 September 2009


On thursday we took the train to Brisbane. It took about an hour but as Ella Bella found it difficult to settle ( I was hoping the motion of the train would send her to sleep but the journey was too smooth!) it was not as relaxing as I hoped it would be!

She really liked looking out of the window though and watching all the other passengers - she's so nosy!
We arrived at the Southbank station and had a good look round. It was a gorgeous day.
I thought I really couldn't remember Brisbane from when I toured there with the Ballet but instantly remembered the twisted wrought iron promenade walkway. It had beautiful purple flowers growing all over it and looked amazing.
It was fun and slightly strange to see so many people sunbathing and swimming in the manmade beach. It's almost like a mini Gold Coast but with the city skyline directly behind it, so weird!! I love the fact that they even have a lifeguard.
After lunching in a lovely greek cafe on the Southbank we didn't have that long to walk around before having to get the train back, because of getting back for Ellas dinner.

We wandered up Queen St which is the main part of Brissie (!) It was so busy but I guess it was lunch time and everyone had escaped the office.

The guide book suggested visiting the Customs house and the 'oldest building' in Brisbane, the Windmill. The former had stairs leading up to it which ruled out a visit inside, it was quite an nice building but nothing exciting.
After an exhausting walk/pram push up what was probably 'Brisbanes steepest hill' and red faced and pouring with sweat we finally made it to the Windmill. ~To say it was an anti-climax would probably be the understatement of the century!
The building was  covered in scaffolding and unfortunately could not be seen at all! After almost collapsing with shaky legs (me and Aunty Lu Lu, princess Ella just looked at us bemused from the comfort of her carriage..!) we walked back down the hill, stopped for a cuppa and a big slab of cake on the way then continued walking to the station to start the long journey home!

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  1. hello there! i love your blog, it's delightful!
    as a long time brisbane resident i have never heard of this windmill you walked to. sorry it was such a disappointment, next time you are ever in this neck of the woods i'll have to give you some insider local tips!
    xo erinlucy