Sunday, 6 September 2009

Byron Bay

Today we drove south to Byron Bay, crossing states from Queensland to New South Wales.
It's only actually one and a half hours away so not too far for Australia!
The weather was amazing. Gorgeously sunny and hot. We had amazing views of the beach with the lighthouse in the distance as we walked into the town centre, where we had a lovely lunch.
The town centre is like a little pioneer town and is full of quirky little shops and cafes. Reminds me of Ubud in Bali with hints of Venice beach (but quieter!) and Queenstown NZ.
It seems quite a popular surfer/student traveller destination and has an abundance of 'tie dye' type clothes shops with incense burning and several hippie crystal shops. It was great though and I actually found it quite inspiring looking around all the hand crafted items.
I bought Ella Bella a sweet little hat from a cute kiddies shop. Hopefully I will use it as a guide for a pattern to make other similar hats to sell - when I get back to my sewing machine!
After walking around the town we drove up to the lighthouse to get a good view. It was beautiful up there. The view was breathtaking and there were even whales and dolphins basking in the waters below us!
I love a good lighthouse! Reminded me of the one I visited in Tasmania.

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