Monday, 11 March 2013

lemon, mint, lime & teal

Today has been the coldest day that I've felt in my bones for ages. 
We shuddered and held hands tightly as we quick stepped to school, braving the snowy drifts and icy winds. 

Snow? It is March. MARCH! I tell thee!!!

Anyway, still feeling defiantly springy I'm surrounding myself with springy colours, mothers day daffs and some recent 1970's treasures which have been cheering and brightening these dark wintery days.

Mint green teapot {no mark} £2.50 
J & G Meakin 'Galaxy' casserole pot £2 
Mushroom pot {no mark} £2 


  1. Your teapot certainly is a chirpy little spot of brightness. What a sweet find! :) Hope things warm up for you soon.

    Sheree x0x

  2. Beautiful photos. Love the mushroom pot, so cute