Friday, 20 April 2012

little april showers

This afternoon the biggest darkest cloud slowly moved over the skies above us looking a little bit like the alien spaceship in Independence Day.
I even put down my cup of tea {never happens} and stared out of the window in an end-of-the-world disaster movie type of way....
the washing on the line {that had been hanging there for a week} almost seemed to sigh here we go again...
the cats began to regret scratching at the back door to go out a few minutes earlier.
and, suddenly remembering that I’d sent the little lady off to nursery without her wellies,
and with barely a flicker of the new boys sleepy baby blonde lashes...
the april showers lashed down, there was even hail and a bit of thunder... 
and I grabbed my camera and headed into the waterlogged garden.
Ooh, I do love a great British downpour, don’t you?
Happy wellie wearing weekend. x


  1. What beautiful photos - you must have a good camera to get such great focus. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on Emily's hat! Suz

  2. Beautiful pictures! I do love rain for that very reason, its all about the gumboots!!

  3. Great to see you back! congratulations on your new bubba Alfie! xx and thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, us Yorkshire lasses are made of tough stuff and bounce back!.... must be all the pudding! Gorgeous pictures, I love the rain it makes you feel alive! xxxxx

  4. Absolutely gorgeous photos... and I love this tale of a rainy moment, captured beautifully too :) (Love a spot of rain as long as I'm dressed for it, or indoors!)

  5. Amazing pics - just found you via Jen. Lovely to be here, Jo xx