Thursday, 19 April 2012

kitchen crush

You always seem to get the flu when you least want it, right? 
When there are a million to do’s on your to do list. Anyway, moan over. To be fair, I did indulge in a bit me stuff while I was croaking, sneezing and drinking hot Ribena.
I read books. Yes, by jove, I did. 
I blubbed my heart out to Call the Midwife, which incidentally is a far more effective way of clearing the head than a head sauna {although I had loads of those too}. 
And I totally and quite unashamedly indulged my interest {slight obsession} with Titanic. The ship not the movie. Well, the movie too, actually, but anyway...
I watched loads of weekend cookery programmes and developed a bit of a kitchen crush on Rachel Khoo. So much so that I had to immediately go out and buy {stay in and click on Amazon...} her book The Little Paris Kitchen. Having drooled my way through every page I’m now aching to move back home to a BRAND NEW KITCHEN!!!!!! 
Speaking of which we are now at the point of picking paint colours. Which is much harder than you would think when you are doing the entire house. 
Elephants Breath or Dead Salmon...?? These are the questions I find myself pondering in the wee small hours.
And on top of all this I’ve had two little words ringing in my ears....’bridal commission’
So I’m brandishing a soldering torch at every available moment. Safely behind a child safety gate. In my 'Little Surbiton Kitchen'...! Finally putting together all the parts of a headdress I feel like I have been working on for yonks. Actually probably about a year ago I first worked on these designs. It’s the final fitting on sunday and then {all being well..!} the lovely Bride will take it away once and for all - there is always far too much time to fuss and titivate over something when you have a long time to work on a piece and that is not good. That can lead to over doing.

This headdress is bound for Sweden and a very rustic Scandinavian style wedding so I am very excited to see the photos of the big day. And, although I have enjoyed working on this piece, I’m going to be very glad to box it up and send it on it’s merry way because there have been far too many stitchery ideas bubbling away in my head, and lets face it, I have an entire house to *decorate!! 

* well, not me personally but I have to point and say ‘that colour, there...’ which is quite tiring don’t you know...!?


  1. Nothing like being sick to indulge in some reading and tv watching! Good to hear you are on the mend now though and back to the creative pursuits.

  2. Oh wow Sarah! That head dress is looking beautiful! I designed my own and then let hubby make it (he said he could do it).
    I really hope you are feeling better soon... it sounds like you are looking after yourself in that department.
    Oh yeah, and I'd go with Elephant's Breath... It will make the room look bigger and brighter (but then again, you may be going for cozy and snug... :) I'm sure you'll do an amazing job of the decorating. :)