Thursday, 5 May 2011

✴ start of the season

I think we can now most definitely say that wedding season is upon us. As someone who works with beautiful brides and spends most days looking lovingly at wedding inspirations I think there can be no better kick off with all things weddingy than with the recent nuptials of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
Did you watch? I spent the day with two lovely hat wearing ladies and we supped bubbly and ate breakfast and supped bubbly and ate lunch and then just supped bubbly. 
We gasped and we oohed and we ahhed at the sublime beauty of Miss M in her beautiful gown. 

Imagine how hit-the-roof excited I then was to discover that my dear, and oh so talented friend, had been a special stitcher of that most famous frock. She was one of the embroiderers from The Royal School of Needlework. How gobsmacked was I?? The BEST KEPT SECRET bar none! 
You can read all about it here.
So, buzzing with this knowledge and therefore reckoning that if I spent the weekend congratulating and stroking the arm of said friend and royal stitcher {ok not the whole weekend, that would be weird} then indeed I could conclude that I am only one very petite person away from that most famous frock......that's how it works in my head anyway....
Not surprising then, that my space is of the bridal kind this week. 
With finishing of some pieces and the beginnings of others. Working on new brass pieces with vintage lace and quartz crystal, ideas brewing for these teeny tiny brass lockets, baby blue grosgrain ribbon, cinderella style tulle bows and finding inspiration in delicate forget-me-not flowers.
I feel compelled to doth my feathery fascinator style cap in awe to the brit style front cover of Grazia and the utterly brilliant headline "Arise McQueen Kate". Well done Grazia.
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  1. How exciting! Huge 'well done' to your friend! I thought the dress was gorgeous. Suitably regal on the bottom half and just beautiful on the top. That lace, quartz and brass necklace is beautiful. I wish I'd have known about your products before I got married!

  2. wow that is cool, yes a weekend of arm strokng would have been weird ha ha, I laughed out loud for that one! Your work is lovely, love the pieces in this post. Do you sell online or in a store in the UK? Thanks for your kind comments too.

  3. oh i loved the wedding but it made me soooooo homesick :( Love that Tiara!! So pretty and photography is stunning as usual! Take care and have a wonderful weekend :)

  4. Now THAT is cool. My goodness, how exciting that must feel. I watched the wedding, way over here in Aus, and I have to say that Miss M looked truelly wonderful, as did her sister.

  5. I am oohing and aahing over your beautiful blog. Going back through your archives. Just lovely. Twyla