Monday, 18 April 2011

✴ happy monday

Goodness, I haven't been here for a whole week. I hate when time runs away like that. Especially when you look back and wonder what on earth you managed to achieve.
It's been a tough week with a little tearaway monster in tow. 11 years too early for the teenage chatback and stroppy tantrums so I assume we are not quite finished with our teeth growing and am blaming the wide awake nights and hissyfits on sore gums and irritation.
Not just a toddlers wild ways I have been trying to tame, but with the recent sunny weather the overgrown jungle garden has been crying out for some pruning and a stern talking to.
Last year I eagerly planted some ranunculus bulbs....a year later there has been not even the merest hint of a bloom. At the same time I planted some anemone bulbs and a year later...the same sorry tale..or so I thought. 
However the other day I spotted in amongst the weeds, a couple of beautiful purple/pink anemone. 
How utterly thrilled I was. Delighted pride and joy in the small miracles of gardening, the pleasures, the pains, of successes and failures, the thrill of new discoveries and that life will always find a way....and then bewilderment, and subsequent devastation that those two brave little flowers had somehow found themselves unearthed by small toddler hands and were being thrust in my direction, roots attached and stems bent, 
"Here you go, mummy".
It's so very difficult to get cross with the gift giver {flower thief} when she smiles so sweetly!
Happy week and roll on those bank holidays!! x


  1. I have had a few of those flower moments myself - the ones where you would love the flowers to stay in the garden, but someone gorgous brings you a 'bouquet' with such a generous heart - you just can't be mad! :)
    I haven't had much luck with ranunculus either. Hope you get more little surprises in the garden! :)

  2. Maybe ranunculus prefer the other side of the world? They seem to take over around here (which is precisely what ranunculus were designed for, I agree). Unfortunately, this does not make for a full and vibrant looking garden. Nope. This just provides more and more opportunity for accidental root pulling, flower potion involvement, and a nice nest for the dog to settle down in. GRRRRR...

  3. Naww ... what a sweet little story that turned out to be in the end. Those flower thieves can be hard to get mad at.

    PS. The blooms are beautiful.