Friday, 26 March 2010

✴ ranunculus

Ranunculus is such an ugly word for such a beautiful flower, don't you think?
But kind of fitting to the ugly spiky bulbs from which they grow. 
My ranunculus bulbs have been soaking for 24 hours ready to plant out in my little mound of soil by the plum tree.
I really hope they grow well because I think ranunculus may just well be my favourite flower.
{ My bridal bouquet by Joanna Carter Flowers :: In vase at Martha Stewart ::
Napkin decoration at Instyle Weddings :: Botanical print at RHS ::
A Riot of Ranunculus at Flickr :: }


  1. I think it may be mine too! They are glorious!!

  2. I think I agree with your on ranunculus - hard to say and ugly sounding and yet it is a gorgeous flower. I love its papery layers.

  3. Ranunculas absolutely win my favourite flower and I love those ugly bulbs because there’s none of that guessing malarkey about which way is up! (not a verdant green thumb I'm afraid)...