Sunday, 20 February 2011

✴ weekend crumbling

{tea lights in vintage brioche tins and lace doily}
You know when someone is a little bit poorly by looking into their eyes, glazed over, perhaps a little pink and with a droopy lidded tiredness that sums up the overall feeling of being run down. I saw this on the little lady over the past few days {a lot better now but for a bit of a cough} and I saw this in my own eyes in the bathroom mirror last night.....Eughhh...lurgy has at last got me. It was inevitable but nonetheless annoying and totally unwelcome.
{brioche tins, wire basket, 1920's ash butter bats and rolling pin and embroidered tablecloth}
Not helped that I was solo parenting all of yesterday and last night and had planned to prepare a lavish dinner for a dear friend who had a special valentine birthday. When cooking for friends I usually plan the menu for days, pouring over the cookbooks and cookery magazines  but yesterday, struggling with a general feeling of Hhhmmppffff  I ended up completely and utterly making it up as I went along, and actually it worked a treat... to the point that I wish I'd paid a bit more attention to what I was throwing into the cookpot {or tagine..} so I can recreate the tasty dish which magically appeared on the table last night! Chicken and squash tagine followed by rhubarb and strawberry crumble. Yum. I think I just about got away with it! Or maybe I was feeling so poorly that anything would have tasted sublime and warmed the cockles?!
 {vintage lace and trims currently being used for headdresses and accessories}
{a bundle of french linen pieces and assortment of cross-stitch monograms}
Although I' haven't been blogging as much as I'd like to recently I have been shopping, oh yes. Thrifty vintage shopping, my absolute fave! With recent visits to Kempton, Kingston and Farnham I have gathered quite a few lovely things. I'll show you just a small selection now and hope to get round to photographing everything else soon.
{glass dome with blue and white china dish and 6 small cocktail glasses}
Anyway I think it's time for more honey and lemon to soothe my croaky throat. Or perhaps a hot toddy?!
Tonight I'm making a completely-made-up-as-you-go-along* sausage stew and blackberry and pear crumble. A gloomy dark and damp day such as this {where are you spring???} deserves a warm and cosy evening of stodgy comfort food and something good to watch on the tellybox {where are you Lark Rise???}.
* although completely-made-up-as-you-go-along several times before so practically a bona fide recipe.

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  1. You have found some really lovely finds!

  2. Can't stay long, I'm off to search in your liks! Beautiful little glasses. Hope you feel better soon. Take care

  3. wonderful photographs of your extraordianry finds. i think the butter bats and the french linen do it for me!
    get well now, hey?...

  4. love your blue and white plate with the lemons, some gorgeous finds there!

  5. Lovely lovely finds, I especially like the blue and white dish, and the butter bats. Oh, and the brioche tins. In fact, I'd take it all. What beautiful photos you take too - I'm afraid I'm still a bit rubbish with photographing my finds, particularly glassware. Still, I hope to improve!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, nice to find some more vintage loving Brits (not that there aren't lovely Australian and North American ones out there - just for familiarity and price comparison!)