Thursday, 17 February 2011

✴ feeling delicate

We're feeling very delicate today. My little Tinkerbell has had her fluttery fun filled wings cruelly clipped with a very high temperature, a runny nose and a bit of teething thrown in for good measure.
There has been much Cbeebies watching, with glazed eyes, not much eating and a lot of cuddles and forehead stroking. And a regular dose of Calpol! 
It's most definitely a quiet stay indoors type of day. For me there has been much tea drinking {so what's new?} and monitoring of sick child. It's a horrible feeling of helplessness and inadequacy of not really being able to do that much to ease the misery. But for the cuddles, lots of cuddles and whispers of's ok......
I've been finding time, during a welcome break of a proper nap, to do some more twiddling of gold wire and embellishment of crystals, pearls and beads on a new headdress. We have been watching Boardwalk Empire in the evenings, oh my, something new to get my teeth into and I'm just loving those 20's costumes, so very stylish and spangly. I'm thinking of maybe doing some 20's style headbands or some feathery frou frou of sorts. Ooh la la.
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