Friday, 24 September 2010

✴ the goldfish ate my homework and other lame excuses...

I have been away from here for so long now that I suspected I would login to my blogger account and see a big sign reading 'No longer available - this blog has been taken away due to neglect.....'.
Of course it didn't say anything of the sort. Gosh, I can be so melodramatic sometimes...
I could tell you that I have been unable to post because I was daintily dipping my toes in the rippling warm waters of the Indian Ocean whilst flip flopping along a golden archipelago shore while a turtle carried my Louis Vuittons up to my granny square {surprising} crocheted hammock, and the sand plays havoc with Broadband, don't you know...........
But alas, that is sadly untrue.
The simple truth is that I've just been caught up with stuff. Some of it boring - take the bins out and feed the cats - kind of stuff. Some of it creatively stimulating - paid commissioned work - kind of stuff. 
But most of all and most importantly, day to day mama - tear my hair out tantrums but melt my heart hugs and kisses - kind of stuff.
I will get myself organised and post some images of the things I have been making and doing in any scraps of free time I was lucky to get {not including the time unashamedly reserved for slumping in front of Corrie after a long trying day} but in the meantime I'm going to ready myself with a reservoir of builders tea and spend this, oh so cold and wintry, weekend catching up with all my favourite blogs...Oh how I have missed you.
Care to join me in a cuppa? 


  1. Arh yes ... life can get quite distracting can't it?
    Good to have you back :)

  2. I was just thinking yesterday how I was missing your blog so am thrilled you are back.
    I'd love a cuppa Sarah, a long chat about what you've been up to and nice slice of cake. Sounds good eh?
    Ali xx

  3. Yep, I'll join you for a cuppa. Don't forget the chocolate chip cookies. Or better yet, a nice large digestive for dunking!

  4. I missed you, welcome back. A break (even from blogging) is as good as a holiday, trust me. Gorgeous, images as always, love Posie