Sunday, 18 April 2010

✴ a holey plate

Last week I happened upon this lovely plate in a local charity shop.
I have to admit that I had a bit of a 'Homer Simpson' moment and it took a few seconds for it to sink in what this plate actually was.
You see, at the moment I have my eye out for pretty vintage side plates to go onto a spare bit of wall above the front door and I thought I'd stumbled across another lovely to add to the collection.
Hooray, I thought, and then looked closer with dismay. Oh no, there is a hole in the middle of the plate, what a shame.... 
Yep, wait for it.......wait a few more seconds......probably a few more... (image of me still staring vacantly at plate hole...), and then....
AAAaaaHhhhhhhhhhhhhAhhhaaaahhhhhhhh....(choir of angelic voices can be heard, ray of light from above shining down on....ok am I going too far with this??...........) and then the penny dropped....
A cake stand plate!
Just what I have (completely forgotten about ) been looking for.
A couple of months ago I noticed a large crack in a glass plate cake stand that had been given to me as a hen party gift by a lovely friend who presented it to me laden with yummy cupcakes....Mmmmm.
The plate had to be turfed but I kept the metal stand in the hope that I would be able to find a replacement plate. And here it was staring me in my (slightly slow on the uptake) face.
I'm no pottery expert but the plate is relatively old, perhaps 30's /40's/ 50's? And has the makers mark, 'HT & sons made in England' but so far I have not been able to find anything out about them.
No matter, it's a lovely plate, fits so well onto the Laura Ashley plate stand and was only £4!
 I'm so happy to fix something treasured (and used often!) but broken and mix the old with the new!
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  1. Wow, what a find! Its gorgeous and it fits too. Yay!
    ps I used to make those icing roses years ago.

  2. You must be thrilled!
    That edging of blue on the plate is gorgeous, and it looks great with the stand!!!

  3. Wow what a find I love it and cake stands are hard to find for $4 you did the impossible.
    It looks so great with your cupcake!

  4. That is beautiful!! At least you realised what it was before you got in the car and drove away. Nothing worse than the penny dropping when it's too late. Hope all is well in your little slice of the world :)

  5. Gogeous. I love it. The end. ;)

  6. absolutely fabulous. it's a gorgeous plate and looks scrumptious with your cupcake.

  7. Fabulous find & yes, i usually have those things pointed out to me so the 'd'oh' moment is confirmed for all to hear. Love Posie

  8. arrrrhhhhhhhg!!!!
    can you hear me from melbourne??

  9. Wow! What an absolutely gorgeous plate!! How serendipitous!

  10. that is a lovely plate...I am glad it finally sunk in that you needed to buy it! :)

  11. Oh what a fabulous plate! Just the prettiest pattern! Thanks so much for sharing.
    Sophie x

  12. You've done exceptionally well there....and the cake...ohhh the cake...looks very yummy. Hope you enjoyed it with a nice cuppa.

  13. perfect! i can totally relate to vacant stare. sometimes my brain takes a while to put two and two together :)