Tuesday, 30 March 2010

✴ feeling woolly

I have had a horrible cold since friday, it's the curse of all the mama and baba get togethers, rhymetimes and tumble gyms. Today my head feels as fuzzy as a ball of wool.
It's officially summertime here....apparently....We've given up an hour for the sake of it and yet it rains...and rains...and rains.......Ppfffft!
Hooray for the small things that can brighten up a fuzzy day. I know, probably not everyones idea of excitement and joy but a basket of brightly coloured pure wool balls has cheered me up no end today and given some inspiration to the task of the pincushion.....


  1. Those lovely photos have definitely cheered me up!
    The weather here is really bad, no fluffy snow as predicted but rain and more rain, gale force winds and it's cold. Oh so cold!
    Looking forward to seeing what you come with for that pincushion.

  2. Lovely yarns.
    This rain is really boring me now.

  3. Gosh you do great wooly photos! Makes me want to go and stroke some of the balls of yarny goodness lying about here. I'm excited to see what you come up with for your pin cushion. X

  4. Those colours look beautiful, your pictures make me want to dive in & snuggle up with all that lovely wool...

  5. gorgeous pics Sarah, I really do just want to touch the wool!

    p.s thanks for your sweet comment ♥