Wednesday, 31 March 2010

✴ a doodle do...

{...Or how to turn a square into a triangle...}

As the baba is probably a bit too small for the festival of chocolate that soon approaches, although she'd give it a good go, I've been making some little Easter lovelies for her to enjoy this weekend instead.
I got the idea for these bean bags in a lovely book I recently had out from the library (for a little too long..Ooops!) called Green Crafts for Children.
They were going to be chickens but roosters just have more decorative bits don't you think?
As I had to return the book (before the fine got any higher...) I just made these up. Actually I made them a little big but they are still ok to be grabbed and thrown, so job done! 
They were super easy to make and I might make some even bigger and fill with sand for door stops, or some super small and fill with tea for tea bags....erm, maybe not.....
  1. Cut two squares of fabric (6" is a good size for bean bags) 
  2. Cut any decorative bits (I did rooster bits) out of contrasting fabric, felt is good. Sew bits, facing inwards, onto right side of one piece of fabric (in the corner). Applique any additional pieces now (like wings)
  3. With right sides facing sew up three sides of the square (with the sewn bits in top corner) leaving an opening at the bottom.
  4. Turn right sides out. Topstitch over sewn seams (if you want ) and around the felt bits - looks a bit nicer and finished off.
  5. Fill with dried beans, lentils or rice, or sand (for door stops). Now fold in the edges of the open seam and instead of sewing straight (which would make a square) hold the opening in the middle and pull outwards with both hands with the bottom of the side seams in the middle and sew across that way. You could add some trim here if you fancied. I stitched in some yellow ric rac to look a bit like feet!


  1. I love these, my boys would have played with them lots when they were younger, just their type of toy.
    Love them, will bookmark the page so I can make them for next year when there will be a nine/ten month old 'non blood' niece who'll delight in them.
    You are right, bigger ones would make perfect doorstops!

  2. Oh love it! What a great idea!