Tuesday, 16 February 2010

✴ raining cats and grannies

It has poured with rain all day. All day! Not ideal to be housebound with a fractious one year old and two stir crazy pusscats. If I haven't been tripping up over musical toys and stepping in discarded rice cakes on the floor then I've been constantly opening the back door and patiently waiting for the in/out? decision of a small furry one. 
Hooray for the biscuit bribe. Organic chocolate for the one year old and Whiskas treats for the furry ones, and let's hope I got them the right way round...
Fallen somewhat behind with the grannies... Just over a quarter of the way there, I reckon. But it's all good.


  1. I love the title of this post! I don't love those rainy, tripping over things, grumpy kid days. Hope the sun is shining today. X

  2. Looks incredible. We finally have Summer sunshine again, so mowed the lawns, 3 loads of washing, back to normal. Rain bums out my sewing mood sometimes, glad you make good use of it. Love Posie

  3. Your post takes me back to pre-catflap days. Two of my cats love to be out in the rain, for the eldest it's a no-no, he likes to be cosy.
    Your granny squares look really lovely. I love the colours you have chosen. Hope you can get more done. Of course now my boys are back to school today the sun has come out!
    Ali x