Wednesday, 17 February 2010

✴ my creative space

Yesterday, it rained all day. Miserable. Today, as if by magic, a fairy wish of sunshine came true. Today was glorious. Bright blue skies and golden winter (or is it now spring? is it? it?) sun. Unexpected but ever so welcome sunshine making crystal sparkles of yesterdays raindrops still clinging to the washing line and bare naked branches of the trees in the garden.
My creative space was, seemingly, for the first time in ages awash with colour and light streaming through the windows brightening the day and the mood and making it abundantly clear that a window cleaner should be called...Immediately!
Colourful crocheted flowers are growing in my creative space, awaiting further decorative flourishes that will turn them into brooches...
I've been stealing away to the workroom (cough.. ahem....err....garage ) to rummage through fabrics and trimmings and I think I have it all designed and thought through in my sketchbooks (cough..ahem....I mean head.).
Sequins and beads do not mix well with two playful pusscats and a one year old so I've been putting off the embellishments and, well, finishing the brooches! 
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  1. It's always such a hopeful feeling to be washed in sunlight and have promises of spring. Great soon-to-be brooches!

  2. Oh all so lovely, you can almost touch the soft wool through the images. Gorgeous post, love Posie

  3. Lovely light on your beautiful creations.

  4. Hi Sarah, thought I'd answer about hand mixers. I used to buy Kenwood ones but found that they always died on me with overuse, that's why I bought a Dualit. Apart from the pretty colours and design, it has five speeds which is amazing especially as you can turn it to it's highest to clean to whisks (still enough left to lick) and it can keep whizzing for many, many minutes at a time without feeling it's struggling so it's great for things like frosting. I also love that the cable winds inside and the plug 'plugs' in to a socket on it's front. It can cope, so well worth the money. I suppose it's a matter of not just managing the job but excelling at it.
    I am very attached to my kitchen appliances and LOVE my Dualit. How sad am I?
    Hope that helped!
    Ali X

  5. beautiful blooms at your place

  6. Yay for color and light! Your brooches are lovely, and your photos do them justice.

  7. Your photos are divine! Gorgeous light, colours and texture. X

  8. a little sunshine is always nice...I like bust of colours from your crochet blooms and look forward to seeing how you embelish them next.
    My cat always likes a look in when I'm crafting away - swatting at my largest scissors while I try to cut out my fabric!