Wednesday, 2 December 2009

✴ what's hot & what's not...

Oh my gosh, forgive me, it has been a whole week since my last post.....which was also hot/not!
Slowly trying to get back to some sort of creative love, but having to wade through the unpacking and tidying and sorting and blah...blah.... Feel so behind! Feeling a lot like a cute little chipmunk who has awakened from a long hibernation, but probably looking a lot like a big grisly bear with bed head and in need of a manicure...!
Thankful for Loobylu and the hot/not list to help me climb out of the zoned out blues........


Cox & Cox. I love this shop. I love that they categorise everything by celebration! So much choice for festive cheer from this place but am especially loving the vintage birds, gingerbread house cookie cutters and window snowflake stickers.

Images Cox & Cox 

East London Design Show. Really hope I can make it here this weekend especially as one of my friends is selling here! Yoyo Ceramics. Such lovely things she has made. I already have the ceramic butter dish inspired by tupperware but definitely have my eye on a ceramic notepad, eco friendly and uber stylish! Love having crafty creative chums....

Images Yoyo Ceramics 

Winter Weddings. So magical and romantic. Candlelight and frost, what could be better?! Celebrating our wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks, couldn't have had a more wintery wedding, getting hitched on the Winter Solstice! Off to a wedding on friday. Will hopefully be feeling a bit more 'with it' by then! I'm sure a glass of champagne will sort me out!! So looking forward to a day without sick on my shoulder (well, hopefully!?)


Jetlag. Obviously! But more specifically a baby with jetlag! Poor little thing has been totally crashed out at 4pm each day then really unhappy to be woken up to have some dinner and even more upset to be put in the bath! Oh dear, hopefully better soon.

Jury Summons. Ooops! Guess what sort of letter I've just opened form the pile delivered while we were away!? Supposed to be there on the 14th! Don't they know it's christmas???

Jetlag. Did I already mention that??!.........


  1. I love those little birds!
    How lovely to get married in the middle of winter - I got married in June but was torn between that and a winter wedding. Sounds so lovely! x

  2. Gortgeous hots... hope you get back to normal soon and feel less lagged soon ;)

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment! Love the gingerbread house, reminds me of my childhood Christmasses... I´m German but living in Denmark now and gingerbread houses are so typical for German Christmas ;-)

    Bye Bye!

  4. Those snowflake stickers are so gorgeous, I wonder if popping some on the windows in the middle of summer would help to make us feel cooler ? Jetlag, urgh, but glad that you arrived home safe and sound.

  5. I think the last time we did jetlag, they were still scraping me off the floor two weeks later - in which case you are doing EXCELLENTLY. Am beside myself over Yoyo Ceramics. Gorgeous, glorious stuff!

  6. That Ginger bread house is really fantastic, I just might get motivated to do one this year!? Maybe? Lovely birds and snow flake stickers too. I hope your inner chipmunk is over the jet lag now and your little one too!
    Chele x